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Do you have creativity?  Think you can design a better book jacket then some you have seen? Well now here is your chance in this quarters book report!


Step 1
Read a book from the 2008-2009 Mark Twain List or a Newbery Medal Winner .

Step 2
Complete the Reading Counts test located in the TMS Media Center.

Step 3
Examine at least 2-4 book jackets before designing your own These may be found in the TMS Media Center or our classroom library.

Step 4
Design your book jacket using a piece of 11x14 construction paper (provided by the teacher). This template is designed to help you determine how to properly fold and what to include on your book jacket.  All parts from the template must be included on the book jacket for full credit. You may use a computer to aid in the design of your book jacket, however it is not required. Be original!  Be creative!  Use color!  Use your imagination!  Have fun!

Step 5
Turn your book jacket to be graded!